Speciality Crochet Hats

This adorable hat is perfect for your baby’s photo shoot or for this coming Christmas season. It is crocheted using red and white yarn and is perfect for a boy or a girl.
(Code: SC#1 -Santa)

This adorable baby lamb hat is made with a taupe and Brown yarn. The ears in brown and it is good for Boys! Add a pink ribbon for Girls!
(code: SC#2 – Lamb Brown)

Sweet little lamb hat, crocheted with soft white and pink yarn. Long earflaps so sweet and cute and complete with the inner ear contains a touch of pink!
(code: SC#3 – Lamb Pink)

This beautiful pink and white baby girl hat is the perfect hat for your baby. This hat is made with extremely soft yarn and comfortable allowing for everyday wear.
(code: SC#4)

This hat is perfect for a newborn little girl! It’s white with a pink & white pastel flower and beautiful scalloped with greens.
(code: SC#5)

Close up details of the knitted work